Employee Evaluation Form Template [Word]


The Purpose of Performance Evaluation

By definition, a performance evaluation or an employee evaluation form is an evaluative process that organizations use to acknowledge the work performance of an employee. It’s a constructive review that assesses both strengths and weaknesses of workers.

The main goal in a performance evaluation also known as performance appraisal, is to offer useful feedback to managers and employees, in order to identify areas of improvement. A performance evaluation should not be used or be mistaken as an annual pay increase review.

As we’ve already studied in the job satisfaction issue, individual development contributes to the organization’s overall improvement. Thus the importance of conducting consistent performance evaluations on regular basis.

The most common practice is to perform an annual review. However, recent approaches like 360° feedback and constant recognition are becoming increasingly popular. This brings us to our next topic: how to improve performance evaluations.


Advice for Managers and HR Departments

Performance evaluation processes are often disliked by employees and managers. Who enjoys receiving negative feedback? No one, that’s for sure. Most managers don’t really like pointing out the employee’s flaws and errors.

Another reason why workers don’t like performance evaluations is that they usually represent extra tasks to be done. People have to fill out questionnaires, hold meetings and submit paperwork – all this in addition to their daily chores.

So what can you do about it? Basically, it’s all about preparing yourself.

Performance evaluations may lead to uncomfortable conversations. Improving your soft skills can help you to make the best out of the situation. Be a good listener and try to address the employee’s concerns.

Another best practice is to provide regular feedback during the year. By eliminating surprises you will soften the impact of an annual review. Remember to take note of relevant facts; sticking to certainties minimizes biased opinions.

Keep it simple. There is no point of going long in endless questionnaires. That’s why our performance evaluation template is rather concise, yet complete. It provides a score for five different job facets: quality and productivity, knowledge, trustworthiness and attendance, initiative/leadership and teamwork.

Copy and paste our performance evaluation survey template and modify it to suit your organization’s needs.

You can also download the editable employee performance review template for Word HERE. 

Let us know in the comments how you improved it!

Performance Evaluation Survey Template

  1.    Employee Information

Employee Name

Department Position Supervisor Hire date

Date of evaluation

  1.    Questionnaire


Needs to improve Satisfactory Superior Outstanding
1 2 3 4


Rate each question using the scale above. Sum up and divide by the numbers of questions. The average will result in an overall performance score.

1- Quality and Productivity


a. Work is accurate and precise.
b. Amount of work completed (quantity).
c. Organizes to perform assignments in a timely manner.   
d. Takes proper care of equipment.         


2- Knowledge


a. Has the necessary practical and technical knowledge to perform job.
b. Proper use of procedures and methods.
c. Proper use of tools.   
d. Able to  perform the work with little or no  instructions.  
e. Ability to train others.


3- Trustworthiness and attendance


a. Performs without supervision.
b. Puts in extra effort when needed.        
c. Punctuality                 
d. Justifies absences and leaves.


4- Initiative / Leadership


a. Seeks out new assignments when finished with own responsibilities.
b. Prioritizes in an efficient manner.        
c. Suggests better procedures.
d. Identifies and fixes errors.      
e. Motivates and helps others to improve their performance.


5- Teamwork


a. Works well with managers, co-workers and subordinates.
b. Has a positive and supportive attitude.
c. Promotes teamwork.



a.Employee comments

b.Supervisor’s comments/recommendations

c.Employee goals and objectives for next evaluation

  1.    Overall Performance Score:

Mark the result that best reflects overall performance.


Needs to improve Satisfactory Superior


  1.    Signatures

Employees and supervisors signatures acknowledge receipt of the evaluation. It does not necessarily indicate agreement with the content.

HR department:






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