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Empowering leadership: Develop your talent for the future

Can we know what the future holds? No, but you can own the future if you plan for it, right? Empowering leadership in your employees can become your most successful strategy to plant the seeds for the next generation of successful leaders who will keep your organization productive, agile and competitive.

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Trends & Future of work
How to improve work from home: the ideas your company needs

Until around a year ago, many companies didn’t know how to migrate to a home office model, or how to improve remote work environments. Today, however, most of them have managed to help their employees adapt to this changing scenario. So, what lies behind this adaptation? A strong organizational culture that provides adequate tools to keep people connected, engaged and takes care of each individual’s well-being. As a leader, you will probably notice that some of the challenges we point out in this article ring the bell. So, we suggest you read it to the end if you want to find out our strategies to improve remote working.

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People First Culture
Team building activities for work: Mixing fun and purpose is possible

Relationships are the foundations of any company. Rock your team building activities for work to create a more fun and collaborative culture where human bonds lead the way to your success.

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How to manage remote teams? Thumbs up if you know the answer!

Is remote work here to stay? Most certainly yes. In this new normal that has sparked a drastic exodus of workers from office, the question on how to manage remote teams has turned out rather challenging, mainly because what seemed like a short-term inconvenience, has become a permanent shift in not only where, but how people work.

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People First Culture
Managers, take note: Organizational climate is key to true success

Culture is tangible, it’s everywhere – especially in your organizational climate

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Inclusive leaders make global teams work

By StarMeUp / May 21, 2021